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Medical assistance for the Chornomorsk Central Hospital.

The GloBee.Intrnational team, represented by @nikolai_2525, with the support of our association went on a volunteer mission to the central hospital of Chornomorsk, Odesa region. Humanitarian aid in the form of necessary medical consumables and auxiliary equipment was delivered to the addressee, namely:

  • — Wheelchairs;
  • — Walkers;
  • — Two medical lifts;
  • — Mattresses;
  • — Surgical gowns and glasses;
  • — Syringes;
  • — Medical gloves;
  • — Alcohol wipes, etc.

We hope that in these difficult times, all this will help doctors provide the necessary medical care to those who need it!

Great gratitude for the help and cooperation of @Ukrainian Diaspora in Norway and the PU-TE company, as well as the Red Cross!

Special thanks to our doctors for their dedication and hard work!


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