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04.02.2022 - "Lung Cancer: Symptoms and Treatment. Who is at Risk? Lung Cancer Treatment." Interview to the Main Medical Channel of the President of the International Health Association Vladislav Severgin.

14.08.2020 - International Left-Handed Day - August 13 - Scientific Conference "Right to Left"

29.07.2020 - Training of medical students. In the studio - Vitaly Shuturminsky, Sergey Shcherbakov and Nikita Karpenko

23.07.2020 - A new social project of the Ukrainian Maritime Party: medical care for fleet veterans

10.07.2020 - Immune passport of Odessa citizen. In the studio - Vice-Rector of Moscow State University Vyacheslav Polyasny

06.07.2020 - Odessa Medical Institute of International Humanitary University has signed a cooperation agreement with the International Health Association

04.02.2020 - Day at Dumskaya. Vladislav Severgin. Lung cancer: who is at risk and why is prevention so important?

10.05.2019 - All-Ukrainian Melanoma Day. Prevention of malignant skin diseases


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