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Gold Medal of the Association "For Merit"

Roman Kurilin

Head of the supervisory board of the International Health Assotiation

Valery Solodovnikov

Senior Lecturer, Department of ONMA

Vyacheslav Polyasny

Vice-rector for scientific and medical work of ISU, doctor of medical sciences

Konstantin Gromovenko

Rector of International State University, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor

Stanislav Schneider

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine

Anatoly Sadovnik

Deputy of the Odessa Regional Council

Alexey Lymar

Secretary of the Attestation Commission of the Office of Health Protection of the Odessa City Council

Vladimir Tsirfa

Head of Security at Bayton Capital S.A.

Sergey Shcherbakov

Deputy Medical Director for Odrex


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