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Here's my shoulder so you can walk.

We owe an unpaid debt to those who protect us, fight for our future, defend our common interests! The recovery of our soldiers after injury is a difficult and painstaking process that requires strength and courage from them, and help and support from us. It is help and support that create favorable conditions for a person's speedy recovery.

As important as it is for our soldiers and their families, it is just as important for us - the volunteers and organizations involved in this process!

Volunteers of the NGO "GloBee international" with the support of the International Health Association together with @pechersk.redcross, in the person of Serhii Moskaluk, delivered the necessary medical products to the military hospital for the soldiers of the Armed Forces:

  • — Walkers
  • — Toilet chair
  • — Wheelchairs, etc.

We express our gratitude to our friends and partners who provide essential help and support in our humanitarian missions - this is the charity organization Space Eye, as well as the diaspora of Ukrainians in Norway. Together to victory!


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