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Assistance for the soldiers of the Armed Forces in the Donetsk and Kharkiv directions.

This is not just a slogan or populism, it is the task of every Ukrainian in today's conditions. As long as our soldiers protect us at the front, while our soldiers stand as a wall against the invaders from the Russian Federation, we must do everything in our power and help in all available ways to provide them with everything they need.

This time, the volunteers of the NGO "GloBee international", with the support of our association and together with other organizations that also contributed to this process, were able to deliver food aid to the Kharkiv and Donetsk directions. And logistics and delivery were organized by our volunteer friends and just good people "Uncle Vova" and @saint.yakiw, for which we are very grateful!

We would also like to thank our friend and partner charity organization @spaceeyeev, which constantly helps us in the implementation of our humanitarian missions! Together to victory!


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